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  • How do I sign up?
    The easiest way to sign up is to come into our office with your 2 forms of ID. However, if you would like to sign up online, please click here.
  • What forms of ID can be used to sign up for a mailbox?
    Two types of identification are required. One must contain a photograph of the addresse(s). Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are unacceptable as identification. The agent must write in identifying information. Subject to verification. Click here for acceptable types of identification.
  • How do I change my address once I’ve signed up with your service?
    Please visit to change your address.
  • Are you a physical address?  Can I receive UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc. packages and mail at your location?"
    Yes, we do have a physical street address and receive items from all carriers.
  • Can I use your address as my physical address?
    No- we are a mailing address. We are considered a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent and cannot legally be considered your physical address. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this address to establish residency.
  • How do I establish residency in the State of Washington?
    We always recommend this link from the State of Washington to answer that question.
  • I am going on vacation for a month. Can I sign up for the scanning service temporarily, only for when I'm gone?"
    Absolutely! You can sign up for anything for a month or more and do a temporary change of address with the postal service. Your mail is re-directed to us and then we can scan it to you while you are gone, so you don’t miss anything.
  • I only need a mailbox right now. But, can I add the scanning service later?"
    Yes, we can add scanning service at any time.
  • Can you re-pack my packages altogether, then forward them to me as one large package?"
    Yes. If asked to do so, we can re-pack everything into one package to save you on shipping costs.
  • Can you receive perishable packages, like Freshly, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc.?"
    Yes! If a perishable package arrives for you, we will explicitly say it's perishable in the notification we send you. However, we do not have a fridge to keep perishable items. So, we do ask that perishable packages get picked up either the day-of delivery or the day after to avoid it spoiling.
  • I am a scanning customer. How do I use Dropbox/how do I use the Dropbox folders?
    Please refer to the "Dockside Mail Customer FAQs" folder that is in your Dropbox. If your question is not answered there, contact us.
  • Can you ship internationally?
    Yes we can. Please be prepared with the values of each item for customs purposes, the address and a contact number for the recipient.
  • Can you reuse my shipping materials?
    Yes we take padding materials and boxes that are clean and in good condition for reuse.
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